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Europe, Travel, Paris, Berlin and Rome.

 However London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Madrid.

 But Monaco, Prague, Lisbon and Milan.

 So Italy, Vienna, France, Greece, Santorini and Athens.

Besides, Istanbul.

Hence, Spain, United States.

As a result Lyon and Bordeaux.

Therefore, Copenhagen and Denmark.

Travel Guide

MahaSamsara is an ultimate travel blog, companion. And a travel community, a huge network of travelers engaged in exploration of the world.

We possess the information of all most all the popular cities, countries on our planet. Not only that, but also we offer you to take part in our very own network of travelers from all around the corners of the world.

 Therefore and all above, We wish to be a path, a travel book, planner, and a mentor to your next destination in the pursuit of your worth travels.

In conclusion, We would like to encourage you to travel around, get to know the cultures, languages and experience the most of every moment of your life.

After all, We only live once.

“Age is no barrier, When it comes to travel”

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“Traveling – It leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a storyteller”

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Howdy Traveler!

Howdy Traveler!

MahaSamsara is an ultimate travel guide and a travel community. 

A huge network of travelers engaged in exploration of the world.

We are a guide, a path, a mentor to your next destination in the pursuit of your travels.

Happy Surfing! 🤗


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Enlightenment From My Travels

I would like to tell you a small story as a travel guide.

Once in my life, there was a point, where I had all the happiness in the world.

At least I thought I had, but I wasn’t in a position to realize happiness is something that comes from within, but not by the materialistic possessions.

As I started traveling around the world, city by city and country by country. I started to grow the happiness within myself just by the things that I need to survive without any royal riches that one could dream of.

In other words, I strongly feel traveling is learning and learning is happiness.  And Of-course happiness that doesn’t get you excited, but keeps you calm and compassionate is Peace. And what more One could  wish for, than having peace in ones life.

Therefore, I can for sure suggest you to spend your money in experiences than in physical possessions.

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