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by Ranjit

Hello Mate! Planning to travel in Paris ? This articles gives you an idea about how much it would cost on an average to travel in Paris, Check out the article to know more about things to do and places to visit in Paris. Below are the travel costs in Paris that I categorized into various types.

Accommodation Cost :

If you wish to stay within Paris, On an average scale it costs around 70€ (euros) to 80€ per person to find a place or a home from airbnb and 3 star hotels. Of-course, It costs considerably cheaper, If you decide to stay in the sub-urbs of Paris. A great tip is that the transport in Paris is pretty amazing. No matter where you stay in the sub-urbs, you can navigate yourself to all the touristic areas within no time.

Rather, If you wish to stay in 4 or 5 star hotels, the average price all around Paris is around 200€ per night.

Budget tip to minimize your travel costs in Paris : If you are traveling on a tight budget, and you can adjust staying in hostels and dormitories, you can find accommodation as cheap as 15€ to 20€ per night.

Dinner / Meal Cost at a restaurant :

Paris is known for its french cuisine offered by typical french bistros/cafes and also a large variety of international restaurants.

If you wanna go out for a fancy meal,

  • It costs 15€ to 20€ for a main course
  • 5€ to 10€ for starters and desserts.
  • And 5€ to 7€ for a beer and soft-drinks and 7€-12€ for a cocktail drink.

Tip : If you wanna take your partner on a fancy date, make sure your wallet contains at least a 50€ in it.

Transport Cost :

Paris metros are known to be one of the most densest metro systems in the world. And it is pretty decent and cost efficient compared to the other metropolitan cities around the world.

No wonder, Metros alone in Paris carry approximately 5 million passengers per day, apart from other transport means of the region Ile-de-france.

If you are moving around within Paris peripherique, No matter what kind of transport you want to use (Metros, Buses & RER Trains, SNCF Transilien Trains)

There are quite a few options available.

These are the best options for transport depending on the duration of your stay in Paris.

  • It costs 1.90€ per ticket for an adult for a single journey in one direction.
  • For a day ticket, It costs 12€ per adult (for 1-3 zones).
  • For a week pass, Go for a Navigo, which costs only €22.50 for an adult and can travel in all 5 zones.

Note : Ile-de-france has 5 zones in terms of transport. Paris falls under zone 1 and rest of the region is sub-urbs of Paris.

And of-course, most of the touristic attractions are within Paris.

But there are quite a few touristic points outside of Paris such as Chateau de Versailles, Disneyland, and also the International Paris Airport that is Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG).

You can check for all the plans from offical RATP website.

Beer/Wine Cost :

For sure, you want to celebrate your trip with some alcohol, so here is how it costs.

At a bar/club, a pinte of beer and a glass of wine cost around 6€-9€ , and the cocktails around 7€-12€.

From the supermarkets, 50cl / 500ml of beer bottle costs from 1€ to 3€. And a bottle of wine comes for as cheap as 2€ to 15€ on average.

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