15 Best places to visit in London

by Ranjit

London, city of the great Britain goes back as long as traveling ever started. England culture, their accents, their tea and breakfasts and many more have always been a great fascination to people from all over the world.

London is the most visited city in whole Europe, followed by Paris and Rome.

Here is the list of 15 top touristic places to must visit when you’re in London, England.

London eye by the River Thames

1. London eye.

First things first, you can’t let your eyes cross this city with seeing the eye of London, the Ferris wheel. You can also go up on this wheel for a price staring at £27.50 (pounds) that includes a 4D cinema experience located at the back of ticket counter.

A breathtaking view of London Eye from the street

2. Big Ben

Big Ben one of the best-known landmarks in whole England, is a nickname for a tower clock. And it’s famous for the accuracy of its time and the size of the clock. It took 13 years to build the clock itself and was completed in 1859.

Since then, it kept working continuously till date expect for in 1976 for a few months. It broke down and had to go under repair.

Clock on the tower
Big Ben View from the River Thames

3. West-minster Abbey

West-minister Abbey was formerly known as the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter. It is a Gothic abbey church at “West-minister”, which holds the status of a city within London.

Interestingly, Big Ben clock tower is a part of west-minister abbey from its back end.

Streets of West-Minister Abbey

4. Tower Bridge

This iconic symbol of London is a bridge to cross the river Thames in the city. This bridge is of two types. One of suspension and other of bascule, which means it can be raised and lowered using the counterweights at the ends of the bridge.

You can go to the top of this bridge for a price of £12 (Pounds) for an adult and of-course, its free of cost just to cross the river using this bridge.

Tower Bridge on foggy day

5. Buckingham Palace

Bucking palace is one of very first reasons for tourists to visit this city. It is the residence of the monarchy of the United Kingdom. The palace has 775 rooms in total with staterooms, offices, royal, and guest bedrooms.

You can also explore the inside of palace at £26.50 for staff rooms and £49.00 for the royal day out. You can check here for details, prices and plans.

Buckingham Palace front-yard

6. Tower of London

The Tower of London is officially known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London. It is a historic castle located on the north bank of the River Thames in the city.

People often confuse Tower of London with London Tower Bridge, which is located 0.8 kms away from this castle.

Tower of London Fortress

7. Sky Garden

Sky Garden is the highest public garden in London. It occupied the last floor on a building called Walkie-Talkie ( Called Because of the shape of the building).

You can experience the horizons of London in 360 degrees from up here. This one must best thing to do in London. Sky garden filled with exquisitely landscaped gardens, observatory desk, open-air terror will leave you in bliss.

Note : And yeah, It is free to access, so open to all. But only a limited number of visitors allowed per day.

Sky Garden from Inside.
View of the city, London from Sky Garden
Walkie-Talkie Building

8. The Shard

Shard is another skyscraper in London, also referred as the shard glass. It is the highest of all the building measuring 310 meters in height, where the Walkie-Talkie building (Sky Garden) is of 160m.

You have a breath-taking view of the city from top on this building since it it the highest point, but it costs £5 per person to access.

The shard
The Shard Glass on a foggy day : Photo by Jack B 

9. Camden market

Camden market is literally people’s must visit in London. It’s a collection of adjoining large retail markets also referred as “Camden Lock”, is situated by the Regent’s Canal in Camden Town of London. Shopping are Food are always in our bucket-list of things to do in every city. This markets is always open from 10 am till 6 pm.

Camden Markets by the canal

10. The British Museum

The British museum is permanent collection of around 8 million works. It’s a mirror image to human history, art and culture.

The entry is free of cost, but you can donate as you please. They also run an an amazing introductory museum tour called “Around the world in 90 minutes”, which happens only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Inside of the British museum

11. St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral, one of the must known places in London. It’s quite crowded by the visitors due its popularity, But trust me, it’s once in a life time experiences’ worth to explore.

An interesting fact is, this cathedral is one the tallest buildings the city, London, measuring 111 meters (365 feet). And it was the tallest in the whole city from 1710 until 1976. The dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral is one the highest in the world.

St. Paul’s Cathedral from the bridge nearby

12. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the largest in central London occupying 350 acres. And also one of the four royal parks in the city. Its famous for its speakers’ corner, where open-air public speaking, debate, and discussion are allowed.

Spring in Hyde Park :Image by Ana Gic
Hyde Park at Night Time

13. Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is a busy square on a road junction, famous for its neon lights and digital advertisements. It is often compared with Times Square in New York City, some even call it “Miniature of Times Square”

You can find nice buildings, shopping streets and food places and touristic shops nearby. So for sure, it’s a must visit touristic attraction in London.

Piccadilly Circus Neon Advertises

14. Chinatown & Gate

Chinatown is another touristic attraction, yet a famous and traditional center point for food and fashion. It all started rooting for this Chinatown in London during 1880’s as Chinese sailors, traders and business men started growing and settling down in the city.

Gate of Chinatown, London

15. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

As long as you are in London and a great cinema lover, you can check out this classy studio from Warner Bros, 20 mins away from the city center. Starting from a price of £47.00 (Pounds), Warner Bros. Studio offers various plans. It’s a complete worth exploring quite a ton of shooting sets, not to mention the sets of FRIENDS show, Harry Potter movie series, and many more.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
Harry Potter Set at Warner Bros. Studio London

Info :

How many days do you need to explore London: A stay of 3 days, 2 nights is recommended.

What is the Language spoken : English

What is the Currency used : Pounds

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